The Happiness Insiders ®
The Happiness Insiders ®
Light Watkins

The Happiness Insiders ®

We help you cultivate true happiness from the inside-out using simple practices and accountability.

Who are the Happiness Insiders?

The Happiness Insiders ® is a diverse community of folks who are actively engaged in cultivating real, lasting happiness through daily inner work. 

This community was set up and is facilitated by long-time meditation teacher and inspirational author, Light Watkins.


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Why was this community set up?

Since we live in a world driven primarily by money, celebrity, and material success, it’s easy to overlook the importance of inner work on our happiness. 

As a result, many people have fallen into the trap of seeking happiness externally—in the next business deal, relationship, degree, iPhone, or whatever carrot society dangles in front of us as the thing we need to be fulfilled.

 A Happiness Insider ® is no stranger to the external road to happiness rollercoaster. We’ve ridden it many times. And after exhaustive research, we’ve concluded that the key to happiness is not found in more external achievements. We know from our daily inner work that lasting happiness is found within, and that we must carve out the time to cultivate it. And having a supportive community and accountability is one of the keys to our consistency.

We can all live in the Garden of Eden. But we must plant it for ourselves.

— Ancient Vedic Proverb

Happiness Insiders ® are willing to put in the work to cultivate inner happiness, through learning, practicing, and inspiring one another along our individual spiritual paths. We’re more interested in results than in dogma or blind faith or cultish behavior or confusing esoteric methodologies. We crave simplicity and consistency. We honor our inner guidance, and strive for self-sufficiency along our path.

Happiness Insiders ® are not monks! We are naturally drawn to family life, passions, purpose, dream jobs, hobbies, and other worldly pursuits. But we make a point to prioritize our inner work, because we appreciate the positive impact that our inner work can make on all other aspects of life that we love and cherish. 

In other words... 

We don’t do inner work just to brag about how good we are at inner work. We use it as a means to become a better version of ourself.

The Happiness Insiders ® is the world’s first secular online community for learning a variety of practical, real-world spiritual practices that are intended to help you create the lasting happiness you ultimately desire.

We’ll show you how to:

Settle your mind

Find gratitude 

Eat healthier

Overcome fear 

Move your body

Access your potential

Take leaps of faith 

Be radically authentic

Discover your purpose 

Stop complaining

Cultivate presence 

Manifest abundance

Become a giver 

Stop overthinking

Stay open to receiving 

Move on from a relationship

Plus, you’ll get

A 7-Day Meditation Kickstart 

Weekly LIVE group meditations

Bi-weekly LIVE meetings with Light Watkins

Access to other tangible inner practices

Weekly accountability exercises

Quality answers to your inner work questions

A meditation knowledge base

An archive of daily inspiration

A break from the toxicity of social media 

Support, support, and more support

and much more…

Why join this community?

  • YOU’RE TIRED OF USING SHODDY GUESS WORK when it comes to your inner work and understanding of spiritual practices
  • YOU WANT TO LEARN SOLID PRACTICES that have tangible value (instead of airy-fairy practices with little-to-no real-world value)
  • YOU LIKE BEING HELD ACCOUNTABLE to your commitments by a friendly and supportive community of like-minded practitioners
  • YOU APPRECIATE HAVING A TEACHER with a wealth of knowledge and expertise to train and support you in the various inner practices
  • YOU WANT TO BE A PART OF A POSITIVE COMMUNITY of supportive and nurturing individuals who are also committed to their inner work
  • YOU WANT TO SHOW UP MORE AUTHENTICALLY in all areas of life and are willing to put in the work in order to do so
  • YOU WANT TO BE IN A CULTURALLY-DIVERSE COMMUNITY of individuals all working toward the same goals and sharing experiences from their various backgrounds

”It is difficult to find happiness within oneself, but it is impossible to find it anywhere else.“

— Arthur Schopenhauer

Our purpose is:

  • TO PROVIDE YOU WITH A SAFE SPACE for learning tangible practices that will help you cultivate inner happiness, for asking questions, and for getting support
  • TO NURTURE COMMUNITY and facilitate connection with other like-minded individuals who are also engaged in their daily inner work
  • TO SUPPORT YOUR INNER WORK WITH INSPIRING CONTENT, fun challenges, helpful resources, live calls, and compassionate accountability

This community is not for you if:

  • YOU ARE LOOKING FOR A GURU TO “SAVE” YOU from your misery, or give you all the answers
  • YOU STILL BELIEVE THAT MONEY IS THE SOLUTION to most of life’s problems 
  • YOU’RE EXPECTING OVERNIGHT RESULTS with little-to-no follow-through or commitment from your end
  • YOU’RE OKAY WITH BEING INCONSISTENT with your inner work
  • YOU DON’T APPRECIATE THE VALUE OF COMMUNITY and having support from an expert
  • YOU FEEL THAT IT’S A WASTE OF MONEY to keep investing in your inner work 
  • YOU ARE IN A SPIRITUAL CRISIS and therefore you’re hoping for a miracle cure to your dilemma
  • YOU BELIEVE THAT INNER WORK IS FOR AIRY-FAIRY TYPES and not for people with real jobs and responsibilities 
  • YOU ARE OBSESSED WITH FINDING HACKS AND SHORT CUTS and you see the long route as a waste of time and money
  • YOU ARE A CONTRARIAN with an insatiable need to be right and prove others wrong
  • YOU ARE A CONSPIRACY THEORIST who likes to argue in the comments

This community is for you if:

  • YOU’VE BEEN UNSUCCESSFUL AT TEACHING YOURSELF inner practices and now appreciate the value of having expert guidance, instruction, and support
  • YOU SUSPECT THAT HAPPINESS IS WITHIN and you’ve exhausted the search for happiness through external achievements and acquisitions
  • YOU BELIEVE IN SPIRITS, SOULS, GOD, FAITH, AND DESTINY—but you may also like sports, shopping, tasty food, hip hop music, wine, and other delights of normal life
  • YOU’RE WILLING TO PUT IN THE (INNER) WORK to create the kind of fulfilling life you’ve always desired
  • YOU APPRECIATE HAVING SUPPORT, encouragement, and accountability from a community of like-minded individuals
  • YOU KNOW THAT THERE’S A LOT MORE TO LEARN when it comes to understanding the inner world
  • YOU ARE OPEN TO LEARNING LIGHT’S E.A.S.Y. MEDITATION approach via his 7-day meditation kickstart and practicing meditation daily (with support, of course)
  • YOU LOVE A GOOD, HEALTHY CHALLENGE—especially one that helps you become a better person
  • YOU’RE WILLING TO BE PROCESS-ORIENTED as opposed to outcome-oriented when it comes to your inner work
  • YOU’RE NOT AFRAID TO INVEST in the habits, commitments, and priorities you value the most
  • YOU UNDERSTAND THAT RESULTS MATCH EFFORT and if you want above average results, you must apply above average effort

In this community,
everyone is welcome and
everyone’s experience matters.

More about Light

Since 2002, Light has dedicated his life to teaching people how to find happiness within. It is his life’s mission. And now, we have a dedicated community to learn from, support, inspire one another, and grow into our full potential together. 

If you’re attracted to inner work, spiritual growth, and cultivating real happiness, you’ve found your tribe in The Happiness Insiders ® so come on in!